It took a little longer than expected but our second short is finally here. Veiled is pyschological horror short starring Helena Willcocks (and Helena Willcocks) playing four roles on screen. It was the second short directed by Charles Willcocks.

Just like Regret before it Veiled  has proved itself to be another great learning curve for the Pallas collective. It was a far more adventurous project than our first short and as a consequence there were various situations from which we learnt whether it was: shooting at night, shooting on country roads, or shooting in confined spaces. There has been several things we will take on to the next project.

One of the most exciting things about producing Veiled was the inclusion of a full musical score. The results of which are fantastic and are thanks to the dedicated work of Comrades Jim Hustwit and Tom Le Bon.

We want as many people to see, view and comment on our work as possible so please share with anyone and everyone. We have already begun work on our next short. And with each one we aim to become more adventurous in our story-telling as we try out new techniques, styles and genres.

Enjoy the film.

RL 4/10/15