Golde Ticket

The Tickets have arrived

I’ve always loved getting post. It goes back to a childhood infatuation with Postman Pat. Generally, as you get older this excitement wains as birthday cards stuffed with £10 notes are replaced by things like council tax bills and TV licence reminders. However, every now and then great things drop through the letter box and this week was one of those occasions when I picked up a fat envelope stuffed full of tickets for the 2015 BFI London Film Festival.

When the box office opened to members a couple of weeks ago both Charles and I were primed and ready at our computers to buy tickets. Every year I say the same “I won’t spend that much this year. I just want to see a few things”. And then a few minutes and a few hundred pounds later I realise I am going to the cinema every day for a week during the festival – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After attending the London Film Festival preview and seeing clips of the films on show it was clear that there were several things we both wanted to attend and following an intensive study of the guide Pallas Pictures will be attending the following:

The Accenture Gala of Trumbo on Thursday 8th October

The Festival Gala of High Rise in association with on Empire Friday 9th October

Family at WarShorts Selection Monday 12th October

Room, Tuesday 13th October

The WaveWednesday 14th October

Victoria, Friday 16th October

and finally both sessions of the Shorts Competition on the 17th October.

It’s hard to say which  I am most excited about. Trumbo I am certain will be fantastic. And the premise of seeing Victoria, which was shot it one shot, is already breathtaking. But based on last year’s experience I am really looking forward to the short selections not least because next year we have the ambition to enter. I am counting the days but already can not wait.

RL 23/9/15