Ron Howard

Tergo – Ron’s Story

Tergo is our fifth short film and our first to feature a fully CG character. Tergo has been a labour of love for Pallas Picture Founder and Director Charles Willcocks. An amazing collaborative endeavour by filmmakers and artists from all over the world, which Charles brought together. However, one collaborator we never expected to have on this project was Hollywood Royalty and legendary director Ron Howard.

In a truly unbelievable and complete chance encounter while filming in Soho, London, we were fortunate enough to have the Apollo 13 and Rush Director literally walk on to our shoot. ¬†At the time we were shooting pretty guerrilla style and this guy, wearing a cap, spotted us and stopped to ask what we were doing. It took Charles and the crew a few seconds to register who it was. He was, as one might¬†expect, pretty inquisitive as to what we were up to and asked quite a few questions. We explained the process and he was genuinely really positive. We can’t say he gave any secret industry trips and he certainly doesn’t earn credits as an executive producer but as a confidence boost for a group of amateur, young filmmakers it was an invaluable experience. Hopefully one day we will be able to work with him properly.