Tergo Poster Released

We are extremely proud to release the stunning poster for our soon to be released short film Tergo. Tergo is the fifth short from Pallas Pictures and our first to feature an entirely CG Character. This beautiful poster reveals the lead character Tergo, a cleaning robot, in full rendered glory. Tergo is the creation of Charles Willcocks, Pallas founder and director, and it has been a labour of love, patience and time for him since his graduation from the National Centre of Computer Animation.

We will be revealing more about the film in the next few days including some pretty exciting news but we begin with the poster’s release. A poster which aligns its self beautifully with the Pallas Pictures manifesto of collective working and collaboration as it is a real piece of team art. The 3D artwork was done by Charles himself. The compositing was done by John Sellings the lead compositor on the short and the copy layout by Dave Carrol who has worked on previous posters for Pallas Pictures. The result of this brilliant team effort is this stunning poster. We hope you like it as much as we do. More news will follow about Tergo in the next few days so make sure you check back.