Pallas Picture’s first short, Regret,  is here. A short conversational piece set the morning after the night before it features actors Ruth Milne and Mat Wernham and was directed by  Comrade Charles Willcocks from the Pallas collective.

As our manifesto dictates the whole thing was shot, edited and post-produced in no more than 48 cumulative hours.  It’s already taught us a lot about our work ethic, dynamic and how collective decision making can succeed. Some of us also found out what we’re not so good at – like using a digital clapper board.

We want as many people to see, view and comment on our work as possible so please share with anyone and everyone. We have already begun work on our next short. And with each one we aim to become more adventurous in our story-telling as we try out new techniques, styles and genres.

Enjoy the film.

RL 9/5/15