Puttnam & Parker: A friendship through film

Resilience. To be a creative you need to have resilience. That was the wisdom which David Puttnam wanted to share on Thursday night. With the passion he demonstrated for acting upon Climate Change and his infectious giggle it was impossible not to like him.

Alongside Lord Puttnam sat his friend and comrade, for the last 40 years, Sir Alan Parker. Together they made an extremely affable duo. Riffing off one another and joking about a lifetime in film sitting in the audience at last night’s BFI event was a complete and utter pleasure.

Together the pair of them reeled off tale after tale. Anecdotes about the senile Vincent Price and impassioned speeches about saving cinemas intercut with one another throughout the night. ┬áBut, without doubt, the biggest takeaway from the night was the obvious friendship and feeling they had towards one another. They described their relationship as brotherly and this was visible on more than one occasion. For me personally as an aspiring filmmaker, sat next to an already long-term friend, it gave me great hope that the artform of creating film could and will become an amplifier of friendship. We don’t know where our journey in Pallas Pictures is going to take us but if it brings the comrades of Pallas closer together as friends that can and will be a great thing. Anything else will be a bonus.