Press: The Art of Escapism

A few days ago a copy of the UK’s leading Tattoo magazine for Tattoo Professionals Tattoo Master dropped through the letter box. The plastic packaging was quickly removed and the pages of the magazines flicked open. And there it was, on Page 8 in the magazine’s Power Lines  section, Pallas Pictures’s first ‘in print’ review and press on our most recent short The Art of Escapism – a short film portrait about the UK’s only Bamboo Tattoo Artist, Tarly Marr. We’re really grateful for the magazine covering and including the film on its pages and hope that as a result it will yet more exposure especially with others in the tattoo community.

The Art of Escapism was the first of our films that we have done any real press promotion for and based on the success we have had we will definitely be pursuing more press and coverage for subsequent projects we have planned.

Issue 32 of Tattoo Master can’t be bought online here or ordered through any good newsagent

RL 14/6/16