Press for The Art of Escapism

When we released The Art of Escapism just over a week ago we were pretty happy. In our fourth short film and first documentary short we knew we had a great little independent documentary but what we didn’t know at that point was whether others would like it too. But based on the views and feedback it has received we’re pretty pleased to say that it seems others like it too. What has been particularly fantastic is the feedback it has received in the Tattoo community in the UK and around the globe. We’ve watched with intrigue as the film has garned hundreds of views from across the planet especially it seems in Brazil – who knew?!

The great exposure of the film is in no small part due to the coverage and press it has received. Beccy Rimmer of, one of the internet’s biggest tattoo blogs, featured it as a staff pick and also publicised it on the

The film is also to be featured in next month’s print edition of the UKs leading magazaine for tattoo professionals Tattoo Master. We’re hoping to feature in a few other publications too.

Thanks to all those who have watched The Art of Escapism, please continue to share.