Hervé Schneid – Masterclass (and class act)

‘Go with your gut’ is almost certain to become a mantra for how we create film at Pallas Pictures. While by definition it is, indeed, a cliché it is also, apparently, the way that some of the most creative film makers out there say we should work when creating film.

Hervé Schneid, French editor and long term collaborator of the visionary director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, was the third BFI and BAFTA Masterclass guest we have seen in the last few months to cite this old adage as advice for the best way to do their craft.  Hervé followed cinematographer John Conroy and director/writer Dean DeBlois in saying that ‘going with your gut’ was the best advice he could give for film makers.

Integrity, trust (amongst the crew), and passion are three other elements the French editor described as being essential to successful film making and in particular successful creative partnerships, and he should know. He has built a career out of repeat collaborations with several directors most notably Jean- Pierre Jeunet, Siegfried and Sally Potter.  His guiding principles, whether clichéd or not, are clearly working for such interesting film makers to repeatedly come calling for him. But it is not only established directors who want to work him as he has just completed editing on Natalie Portman’s directorial debut “A Tale of Love and Darkness”. And it says a lot about Hervé’s craft and ability when such a respected actor as Portman trusts you to edit their directorial breakthrough.

If you haven’t seen any of Herve’s work then there is no better place to start than his César winning work on the 1992 film Delicatessen.

RL 25/3/15