Feel the beat

When we created Pallas Pictures a year ago it was built on a simple premise that the creativity of many is more powerful and more enjoyable than the creativity of just the one.  One year on and Pallas still has this as its heart, indeed the ranks of Pallas comrades have swelled and each one of us brings our own thoughts and ideas to our projects. A perfect example of our collaborative style was seen most recently  in one of our planning meetings for our Harvest Short.

The general concept for the Harvest feature has existed for some time now. A full length feature has been scripted, so too several versions for the potential short. More will surely be written. But it was over Doritos and Coca-Cola that a group of Pallas comrades came together and hammered out the beat sheet for the Harvest short.

In an organic process that involved watching and sharing other films, which comrades felt were good references a new and interesting angle for the film began to materialise into substance and form. And after a few hours of brainstorming, sharing ideas, and discussing the things that scared us we had co-created our first Pallas beat sheet together.

Several members of Pallas have now taken the beat sheet away to script up their versions from which we will create one final script. The final result we hope will therefore be an accumulation of our many minds in to one singular and pure cinematic outcome…we hope.

RL 24/5/16