Everyone needs to know a Dave

Everybody should have a mate called Dave. A mate you can rely upon when you need help, an ear to talk to when times are hard, even a shoulder to cry upon if needed. Dave is the friend you call upon when you need a favour or when you have a big ask to make.

Luckily for Pallas we have two mates called Dave and they both happen to be shit-hot artists and designers. A fact which was particularly useful when we wanted to have posters created for both our first short Regret and our newest feature, the soon-to-be-released, Veiled. Both gentlemen lived up to the decency and reliability that their nomenclature suggests by creating two fantastic pieces of art for our films.

Dave Chan was tasked with creating the artwork for Regret producing a ‘tasty as cheesecake’ minimalist piece featuring a fork on a yellow background with the film’s tagline ‘Remorse is overrated’ underneath. If you have watched Regret then you will know that the fork is the weapon of choice for ‘her’, the film’s femme fatale played brilliantly by Ruth Milne, to inflict irrevocable emotional damage on ‘him’, played equally brilliantly by Matt Wernham. If you haven’t watched it yet, then do so here.

The second poster for upcoming short, Veiled, was produced by Dave Carroll ( Dave’s strong visual style screams out from the poster, which makes reference to the film’s opening sequence and features a hammer-wielding female. If you think you recognise Dave’s visual aesthetic from somewhere else then you would be right, as he is the genius behind the Pallas logo. It was Dave who created the imagery for our company’s guiding goddess Athena Pallas.

We couldn’t be happier with both designs and will definitely be calling on our mates Dave in the future as well actively seeking other graphic artists to create artwork for future projects. If you are interested then get in touch.