Art of Escapism

The Art of Escapism is an apt name for both our fourth project and the current state of mind for Pallas Pictures. When we created Pallas nearly a year ago it was our ambition and our hope that we would, as filmmaker’s, lose ourselves in the artistry and joy of making films. And with the release of our fourth film, our first documentary, it feels like that has been achieved. There is a sense of momentum building within Pallas and a confidence about our filmmaking, which is allowing us to escape in to our work: to be more experimental, to attract more and more talented comrades, and to dream bigger. The Art of Escapism is something to embrace and our fourth film paints a portrait of a fellow artist – in its most literal sense.

The Art of Escapism is our first documentary short. A personal portrait of Tarly Marr, Bamboo Tattoo Artist on the move, in which Tarly himself describes his own journey and escapism in to the art of Bamboo Tattooing – an art form he learnt while travelling in Asia.

Tarly Marr travels the world to ply his trade and express his art and when he isn’t travelling he is based out of the Yorkshire town Burley-in-Wharfdale. We believe that he is the only professional bamboo tattoo artist operating in and out of the UK, which makes his story unique from the get go, however, it his own personal journey to this unique art form that is even more special. This is the story we wanted him to tell.

We shot the film in one day, in London, while Tarly was at work. The film allows us to see both the intricacies of his art and the nuances of the artist himself as he opens up to the camera to discuss both his work and his personal past.

The Art of Escapism is not only a portrait of one artist but also sees Pallas Pictures expanding and experimenting as artists too. We welcomed Beverly Maguire, GBTFE Member, to the collective who provided her editing expertise to the film as well as Neil Dobson who conducted the interview with Tarly Marr. We also have to give special thanks to musical escapist and artist Moby who through his brilliant platform Mobygratis, which gives free music to independent filmmakers, provided the music for the film.

The Art of Escapism is personal film and it marks a poignant moment in our own artistic journey. We are proud of it and we hope you enjoy watching it.

You can follow Tarly Marr on Instagram @bambootattooonthemove (He has a new website coming soon)

And Follow Pallas Pictures on facebook here


RL 17/4/16